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Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is designed to provide lawyers within our district bar meaningful access to an experienced lawyer equipped to model and impart the practical skills, seasoned judgment, and sensitivity to ethics and professionalism necessary in the practice of law. The program is structured to assist beginning and/or transitioning lawyers (mentees) by providing a year-long, non-supervisory relationship with an experienced lawyer (mentor).


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Bar Cares

To speak to someone immediately, call 919.929.1227 or 1.800.640.0735.

BarCARES is a confidential, short-term intervention program provided cost-free to members of participating judicial district bars, voluntary bar associations and law schools. If you would like additional information about the program and/or its availability in your area, please contact the BarCARES coordinator at 919.929.1227 or 1.800.640.0735 or visit

The BarCARES program is made possible by BarCARES of North Carolina, Inc., the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Foundation, Lawyers Insurance Agency, as well as participating judicial district bars, voluntary bar associations, law schools and the NCBA Paralegal Division.

BarCARES maintains a listing of bar groups that provide BarCARES services to their members. NCBA members in non-covered areas are also eligible for services under the NCBA Initiative. Learn more about BarCARES programs.